Avengers: Endgame— A Beautiful Triumph and Send-off

A. Shin
3 min readJan 28, 2020


(Originally written on May 2, 2019)

Though many people thought Avengers: Infinity War was the film that celebrated the impressive legacy Marvel Studios had built up to that point with its Marvel Cinematic Universe (which it still does!), the realization after was how it was the first of a two-part conclusion of sorts (at least for the ‘Infinity Saga’). Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd film in the MCU, showing how the studio has proven time and again just how forward thinking they were from the very beginning (with some minor adjustments throughout).

There is no other way to describe this film than as a triumph in several regards. From a business standpoint it shows how with proper planning and a passionate producer steering the ship (Kevin Feige), a cinematic universe which connects films and characters to each other is possible. From a narrative perspective, it rewards moviegoers who committed to sticking with the MCU and its long-form storytelling. And finally for audiences, the films (despite receiving fair criticisms) always managed to deliver entertaining experiences that were accessible to both comic book fans and casual viewers.

But enough background info. Let’s talk about the movie!

No spoilers, of course.

Avengers: Endgame picks up shortly after the end of Infinity War, leaving those left behind after the snap (officially called the ‘Decimation’) to continue on in a world where half of the universe has disappeared. The Avengers have been dealt a major blow from Thanos, experiencing defeat, loss and anger. Fortunately, they all push forward to try and make things right again. Whatever it takes.

As a fan of the MCU, I thoroughly enjoyed everything Endgame had to offer. The plot is well thought out (for the most part), and the character interactions are on point. The ‘post-snap’ setting is also very interesting. In terms of character arcs, it’s awesome seeing how far characters have come since the early days of this cinematic universe. Also, while I always enjoy great actions scenes (and there are plenty in this movie), I found myself really loving the smaller, quieter moments. The more subtle scenes where you understand the characters, and not just seeing their heroics.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything more since it might potentially spoil the movie. What I can say is Endgame delivers great character moments, exciting action and a sense of closure (not just for the story, but also for some of the characters). The film definitely rewards moviegoers who’ve stuck with this universe ever since 2008’s Iron Man. I mean, what else can I say? It’s just so good, which was the only thing I was thinking driving home after watching it the first time….and the second time.

Yup. I had the pleasure of watching this movie twice.

The journey was long, dramatic, and at times complex, but Avengers: Endgame is an epic conclusion to eleven years of storytelling. Though moving on is never easy, I’m actually looking forward to what the future holds for the MCU!

- A. Shin